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Now Know Association

We are a platform focused on the spread of knowledge about diseases, and more specifically, about rare diseases.

We are a recently established platform created to spread knowledge about different diseases, focusing especially on various rare and ultra-rare diseases.

We want to facilitate and promote the collection of data of those affected by various diseases, and give this information to research centres in a secure and orderly manner.

 The volume of big data is constantly growing. In 2012, it was estimated that its size was between a dozen terabytes and various petabytes in a single dataset. MIKE2.0 methodology, dedicated to studying information management, defines Big Data in terms of useful permutations, complexity and difficulty to erase individual trails.

Nowknow uses massive data processing in the following fields:

  • Bioinformatics and experts systems

  • Storage system datacenter (estimate 20Mb patient/year)

  • Need for great ability to calculate - Distributed computer usage networks:

  • Research centres agreements

  • University agreements (New social use of the organisation)

Knowledge and security:

  • VPN

  • Information encryption

  • Data anonymization

  • LOPD

  • Database: a lot of registries with a lot of information (fields)

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