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Let's help Ukraine

From FECAMM we want to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and formalize our rejection of the war, as well as offer help in all possible ways to the minority disease organizations in the country.

If you are affected, families of those affected or organizations related to minority diseases, do not hesitate to contact us via, explaining what your needs are and how we can help you. From FECAMM we will do everything possible to improve the situation.

Faced with the difficulties, together we stand! 

From FECAMM we contacted the association "Орфанні захворювання України" "Orphan diseases of Ukraine" to see how we could help and have proposed two ways to help:

On the one hand, they need to collect:



fecamm Sleeping bags



fecamm Warm fleece clothing

Hemostatic tourniquets

fecamm Bulletproof vests

Sale bags, bandages

fecamm Kevlar military helmets

Motorola Walkie Talkies (Motorola DP 4400 4800 132-176MHz and compatible rechargeable batteries)

fecamm Quadcopters

You can leave your donations in the EUREKA building on the UAB campus or in the AmicsUAB building in Torre Vila Puig, which is also on campus. To do so, contact us at

On the other hand, there is the possibility of contributing to financial assistance (all money received will be used for the needs of defenders and hospitals in Ukraine) by making a contribution to any of the accounts of the organization "Orphan Diseases 'Ukraine' mentioned below:

Ajuda financera ukrania


We have also contacted the ""Charitable Foundation Zaporuka"" which helps children with cancer in Ukraine. The foundation is currently evacuating children with cancer and their families from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. Some families have moved to Ternopil and Lviv (western Ukraine). Children are subjected to routine treatment. Many of the children were sent abroad, to Poland and Italy.

This foundation can be supported through  Global Giving or SWIFT.

The CF-Ukraine association calls for the collection of clothing and footwear of all sizes, because they are helping humanitarian coordination for families crossing the border.

The PHA Ukraine association is asking for places for families in Spain.


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